Ep22 Behind the Story with Jenifer Jennings, Biblical fiction author of James and Joseph.

Our guest today is Biblical Fiction Author, Jenifer Jennings.  Life was all about survival for Jenifer until she met her Savior as a teenager.  During college, her eyes were opened to the amazing detail of God’s Word and His expert way of hiding priceless gems among His stories. Jenifer has developed a passion for digging out those treasures with in-depth Biblical study, historical research, and a few dashes of fiction to bring well-loved or little-known Bible stories to life.  When she is not being chef, chauffeur, or counselor to her two children, you can find Jenifer typing away at her next novel, with her nose in a book or online class, or on a date with her hardworking husband. Jenifer thanks for joining us on Behind the Story.  

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